Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Location of proposed youth-centric park

The location of the park is a small-forested area bordered by the Sungei Ulu Pandan on the North, Ghim Moh Link on the East, and Commonwealth Avenue West on the South. It is located a stone's thrown away from the Dover MRT station, and has good entry and exit pedestrian and vehicular accessibility through the various elements surrounding the area. The current existing youth-centric institutions located around a 3 km radius of the proposed park space also provides a ready market for the students to work on.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Architectural Design brief

This is the brief for the Architectural Design project for 2013:

The Flow by Yew Theng & LiMing

Inspired by nature's very own organic shapes, The Flow aims to provide youths a space for them to gather and collaborate on creative-type projects. Having wide-open spaces between the organically-shaped structures allow for a high degree of accessibility, whilst still inspired by the the various architectural shapes and forms.

Nature Sanctuary by Alyssa & Ching Han

Inspired by the lush greenery and vegetation surrounding the site, the Nature Sanctuary by Alyssa and Ching Han aims to provide a space for youths to relax and partake in appreciating the green spaces, amidst the surrounding urban environment. The unique architecture of each building is inspired from elements taken from nature, adding on to the green ambience.

Dover Youth Park by Jie Han & Xu Wei

The design is inspired by the need to provide a full park experience, that is especially catered for the youth segment of the population. Having all facilities located under one roof, in a park-like environment, is the answer to optimising the green spaces along the Clementi/Dover Road area.

YouthLite by Chi Han & Lynette

A one-stop location for the young, and the young-at-heart, the YouthLite Park merges the usual elements of youthful fun in a single location, for that integrated experience. It boasts of an indoor swimming pool, spiral staircase designs, mountain and rock-climbing facilities, and many others, for that unique youth-centric life experience.